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Our Mission

Circuit30 Fitness incorporates the latest breakthroughs in exercise physiology to provide you with the most effective, total-body workout possible in just 30 minutes. Our prescribed daily workouts were created by an experienced trainer who has a proven track record of working with professional athletes. These workouts combine cutting-edge technology with a convenient, no-class-time structure to ensure our members experience measurable results that accommodate their busy lifestyle.

Evolution of Fitness

Circuit30 Fitness was created with one goal in mind: to provide the most effective workout possible for real people with busy lives. Circuit30 represents the evolution of fitness. We have incorporated scientifically proven methods to get the most efficient and effective workout in the shortest amount of time. High-intensity interval training allows you to reap all the benefits of an hour-long, steady-state workout in just half the time. How do we do it? By keeping your body engaged every day, eliminating boring routines or plateaus. No class times and certified trainers mean you can show up when it works for you, and there will always be a professional to guide you and motivate you through your fat-burning, lean-muscle building workout. The end result is a highly effective workout that powers up your metabolism and keeps the caloric burn going for a full 24 hours after you’ve finished. Get in, work out and get on with your day.

Fitness for Busy People

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Nutritional Support

The Science Behind Weight Loss

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a marathon, not a sprint. Most diets fail because they are simply not sustainable. In fact, studies have shown that most people who lose weight while dieting eventually gain all of it back plus some. The science behind weight loss is simple, though not always easy. It’s a simple matter of calories in versus calories out. Adjusting only one side of the equation is pretty difficult to maintain, but if you make better food choices and increase your activity and/or exercise level, you can win the battle.

Circuit30 can help you win this battle on both fronts. We have teamed up with a leading app to provide nutritional support to our members who want it. Complimenting the hard work you’re putting in at the gym with deeper knowledge about nutritional choices you are making leads to total body fitness. We encourage our members to avoid “diets” that are not sustainable and to implement lifestyle changes that will deliver the results that will last a lifetime.

Importance of Tracking Progress

Whether you are working towards a goal or simply want to maintain your current level of fitness, tracking your progress can be important, and technology is making that easier than ever. Studies show most of us overestimate how many calories we burn (often aided by overly optimistic machines found in traditional health clubs) and underestimate how many calories we consume. Keeping a daily diary to track your food consumption can be eye opening and help you better understand where your calories are coming from.

Circuit30 provides an easy-to-use app that will allow you to easily load your favorite foods with a simple scan so you can accurately track what you are consuming. Wearing a fitness tracker of your choice also helps you keep track of your total caloric burn and allows us to customize a specific fitness plan for you. For those who are interested, tracking your progress can lead to incredible results!


Circuit30 employs High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and muscle confusion to create the next evolution of workouts that deliver extreme results. Our workouts are scientifically proven to provide the benefits of an hour-long workout in just 30 minutes. Developed by an experienced trainer who honed his craft working with professional football players, these diverse daily workouts combine fat-burning cardio with metabolism-boosting resistance training for maximum effectiveness.

No! Circuit30 understands you’re busy and your schedule changes, so we have no set class times. Work out at your convenience and never worry about classes being booked or cancellation penalties again!

Just 30 minutes start to finish. In and out and on with your day!

Because of the technology we offer to all of our members, you do need to download our app. You sign up and pay directly through the Circuit30 Fitness App.

You sure can! Our certified trainers will tailor each movement to your specific fitness level. In other words, whether you are experienced or a novice, we promise you will be challenged and pushed to your limits.

Yes. There is always a certified trainer on the floor to guide you, focus on your form and help keep you motivated and on track through the daily workout.

No. We don’t believe in initiation fees. We want people to love working out at Circuit30 Fitness. We believe so strongly that you’ll love your results, we don’t lock you into a long-term contract and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Yes. Through our partnership in Silicon Valley, we provide our members with an intuitive and powerful app that provides nutritional information and tracks your caloric consumption/burn. You’ll gain the knowledge to make sustainable decisions to reach and maintain your fitness goals. No crash diets here.

No. There is a growing school of thought that suggests perceived exertion is a better measure of output than tracking heart rate zones for a myriad of reasons, and we tend to agree. However, we also believe knowledge is power so if you are so inclined, we strongly suggest using your favorite wearable. Our app is compatible with the most popular fitness trackers, including the Apple Smart Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin. Although trackers are not 100% accurate, they can provide a decent baseline in order to track progress… especially when combined with nutritional goals.